Safety and Results – Finding the Best Skin Whitening Cream

Skin whitening is not something that should be taken lightly. If gone about in the wrong way you can damage both your skin and your health, permanently in extreme cases. This article aims to help you find the safest, best skin whitening cream that can help you get results with the absolute minimum risks.

Understandably the use of topical creams to whiten skin is very popular. There’s money to be made, and as usual the skin care industry has pounced on this market aggressively with little regard for consumer safety.

The dark side of skin whitening

Dermatologists seemingly have no problem prescribing bleaching creams containing Hydroquinone, and over-the-counter products containing it is also sold in large numbers. This toxic chemical is one of the most common active ingredients in skin whitening creams. It is still legal in the US despite having been banned for use in cosmetics in the UK.

This is just one example of a banned substance being freely sold to the public. You can even find bleaching creams containing steroids without searching too hard. For the mainstream cosmetics industry it’s clearly a case of “who cares how much long term damage we do, as long as we get their money”.

Everyone has their own reasons for wanting to use these products. In some cases naturally dark skinned people want their skin to look lighter. I’m not sure why. It’s probably one of those strange social profiling stereotype issues. In other cases, more understandably for me, people want to fade blemishes and discolorations on their skin, for example age spots.

Do your homework

Whatever your motivation, be extremely careful about what you use. The best skin whitening cream will be something that is completely safe, without any toxic chemical ingredients or other substances like steroids that can cause real harm to your body.

For example, it won’t take much research before you discover a wonderful natural herbal extract called Extrapone Nutgrass Root. This is used in certain natural skin care lines both as an anti-irritant and a skin whitening component.

Extrapone Nutgrass Root is extremely effective at inhibiting the skin pigment melanin, and it is also non-toxic and very soothing and gentle on the skin. More and more people are getting fantastic results with it.

Right now, with its combination of safety, gentleness and effectiveness, the best skin whitening cream you can use may very well be one containing Extrapone Nutgrass Root as the active ingredient. Give this a try and don’t venture into the dark world of banned chemicals and dangerous steroids. Lighter skin is not worth sacrificing your health for.

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