Tips on How to Lose Weight Fast Without Pills Or Needles – A Sizzling Secret to Fat Burning Success

When it comes to a girl’s primary needs having a set of hot hips and super sexy thighs has got to be at the top.

But doesn’t it feel like when you try harder to get them that there is some unseen force fighting against your success?

The Conspiracy Is Real

The fact is that there is a conspiracy against you getting the body you want, and it is waging war right now inside your body. Here’s what happens.

Your body is designed to keep everything in balance, scientists call this homeostasis. And you body will fight tooth and nail to keep homeostasis no matter what. This is why the old-school approach of dropping calories never really works.

You recognize the effects of this battle for homeostasis every time you set off on a new resolution to stop your junk food consumption, and to eat fewer calories per day.

The Conspiracy Begins

This is when the conspiracy begins. You body goes into crisis mode to get you back into homeostasis. It believes that this current drop in calorie consumption is simply a crazy faze of yours and maybe it can convince you to get back on track. So it jumps to action by slowing everything down to burn less calories.

Your body is doing this to keep your fat stores filled up just in case a real famine comes alone where you will need that fat to survive. This is really a good survival mechanism and unless you are on a deserted island with no food available your body knows that if it keeps up its conspiracy you will be back to eating normal in short order.

It is a bit like you are the director of a steam train and your body is the trains engineer.

You call out the order of the day, “Engineer, I am going to give you less fuel to work with, but I am expecting to keep this locomotive moving.” The engineer – knowing the train like the back of their hand – simply begins the process of stopping all low priority jobs to slow fuel usage so that the locomotive will keep moving down the tracks while using less fuel. Your body does the same type of damage control to keep its high priority items up and running, like heart pumping and brain functions.

The Other Half Of The Conspiracy

Now the ceasing of all non-essential operations is only half of the conspiracy that takes place and it is all of the physical responses. The second half of the conspiracy takes place in the psychological realm.

Sending a constant barrage of messages designed to get you back to “normal” eating patterns does this.

These messages take shape as lethargy, sleeplessness, light-headedness and of course, hunger pangs and cravings. These as you well know are the real reasons that we fail on diets. No woman has the will to suffer through endless hours of hunger pangs when Twinkies, and Chunky Monkey are just around the corner at your local Quickie-Mart.

The fact is that will power and resolve will only take you so far. And usually that is just not far enough.

The Solution

The bottom line of all this conspiracy talk is that in order to succeed, you must find a way to stop these natural reactions.

To date the best results have been found in food shifting, also called calorie shifting plans.

Calorie shifting is a process where protein, carbs, and fat are cycled in a manner that keeps your inner “locomotive engineer” so overwhelmed with the changing food types that they simple don’t notice the rapid drain of your fat stores.

Article Source: Fat Burner For Men  Fat Burner For Women 2023